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Female Driving Instructors in Blackburn

We are a branch of Students Driving School in Blackburn and are very lucky to have three fantastic female driving instructors that not only conduct driving lessons in Blackburn but also most of the surrounding areas

All three female instructors are fully qualified ADI's, patient and very friendly

There may be a number of driving schools in Blackburn that only operate with male instructors and by ringing around it can not only be very time consuming but also very confusing just looking for a good female driving instructor in Blackburn.


Meet the instructors

Hi my name is Farzana and I'm a fully qualified female driving instructor in Blackburn. I conduct my driving lessons in Blackburn and most of the surrounding areas. I am very professional and definitely believe in the saying that If a jobs worth doing its worth doing well  I love helping people and I get lots of satisfaction watching pupils get better and better each week, lots of my work comes to me direct from recommendations from previous successful pupils. I teach in a brand new Renault Clio which I find is a very easy car to learn in. If you would like to book a driving lesson in Blackburn with me then just call the office number above and request for Farzana to teach you. 

Hi my name is Asma and I'm a fully qualified female driving instructor, I conduct driving lessons to females in both Blackburn and Preston and I can do driving tests at either Blackburn Test Centre or at Preston Test Centre. My training car is a Toyota Yaris which I think is a fantastic little car to learn to drive in. I love my job as a driving instructor and I always give 100% effort to improve you on every driving lesson you take with me, also I will always try to make every driving lesson as enjoyable as possible. If you want to learn to drive and you live in either Blackburn or Preston then just call the number above and request that you would like to book a driving lesson with Asma. 


Hi my name is Shabana and I'm a fully qualified driving instructor. I conduct female driving lessons in Blackburn and Preston. I really enjoy being a driving instructor especially seeing pupils pass their driving tests first time. My car is the latest model Ford Fiesta. I have always believed that learning anything in life should be an enjoyable experience and therefore thats how I try to make it for my pupils. I am friendly, easy going and will always do my utmost to put pupils at ease so that they can enjoy their lessons. After all when a pupil isn't enjoying their lesson then how can they be expected to do well on them.
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Your Driving Lessons

There are many reasons why some people would prefer to learn with a female driving instructor rather than with a male instructor. One of the main reasons is quite simply some people just happen to feel more relaxed with a female instructor.

Your driving lessons can be arranged in either one, one and a half or two hour sessions and you can picked up from either your home, work or college.

Throughout your training we will teach you everything you need to not only become a good safe driver but also to go on and stand an excellent chance of passing your driving test quite easily.

Things you will need on your first lesson are:


Your Driving Test

Another successful driving test pass with Female Driving Instructor Blackburn

Your driving test will consist of an eyesight test, two safety/mechanical questions, a control manoeuvre and then a 40-45 minute drive of which 20 minutes will be conducted as independent driving. 

The eyesight test
You will be asked to read a car number plate at approximately 20.5 metres away (67 feet or about 5 car lengths away) This can vary slightly depending on the size of the numbers and letters.

Safety questions
Throughout your driving test your examiner will ask you two safety questions, these two questions are often referred to as 'Tell Me - Show Me' the first question will be a 'Tell Me' at the beginning of the test and then the 'Show Me' question will be later in the test as you are driving along. 

For a list of these questions Click Here

The driving test
You will then be asked to get ready and off you go on your test. Throughout your test your examiner will be consistently monitoring your driving to make sure you are driving in the recommended safe style, obeying all the rules and generally safe to drive on your own. You could be asked to perform an emergency stop (only tested in about a third of tests) You will also be asked to perform one of the set manoeuvres which could be any from the list below.

Independent driving
Your driving test will include approximately 20 minutes of driving independently, you will be required to follow directions either direct from a satellite navigation device (Sat Nav) or from a series of directions and traffic signs told to you by the examiner. Don't worry about this as we will give you lots of practice at this during your lessons.

At the end of your test
After driving back into the car park at the test centre you're examiner will explain that the test is over, he/she will then tell you whether you have passed or failed. Your examiner will then give some feedback as to how you did on your test. 

Congratulations on passing your driving test, after taking driving lessons with Female Driving Instructor Blackburn



You've Passed !!


Our Prices

Most of the Blackburn driving instructors and other driving schools in Blackburn will most likely charge similar prices to ours, all we can say is that we will always do our best to give you 100% effort and commitment to improve your driving and get you up to the test standard in as quick a time as possible.

Trial Hour £10

Standard / Student Hourly Rate £25 Per Hour

Block Booking 10 Hours £240

Refresher Lessons £25 Per Hour

Motorway Lessons £30 Per Hour

Driving Instructor Training £35 Per Hour.. For More Details About ADI Training Click Here

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All training to become a driving instructor is conducted by a very experienced ORDIT registered trainer.
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